What is JoomlaDay Dubai ?

JoomlaDay Dubai is the first annual meeting of Joomla! users un UAE 
On the JoomlaDay meet entrepreneurs, designers, developers, developers of solutions for Joomla and administrators and ordinary users from UAE and Near East - just all interested in Joomla!.

Who is JoomlaDay Dubai for?

  • For users

JoomlaDay Dubai is an extraordinary opportunity to deepen your Joomla! Knowledge, exchange experiences and get to know the workshop of professionals ready to share their knowledge about web site design.

  • For companies and designers

JoomlaDay Dubai is a great opportunity to establish business contacts, create your own high-end professional image, and provide a platform for presenting and promoting your Joomla solutions, products and services.

  • For everyone

JoomlaDay Dubai is a great integration event, a chance for new contacts , face-to-face conversations with friends from social networking sites and.
Do not wait! Buy a ticket and be with us on the building of the largest and most important Joomla community in United Arab Emirates. 

JoomlaDay Dubai is packed full of sessions and workshops along with extensive Joomla! community resources. Our program offers something for everyone and everyone is welcome to attend. We have web design, development, user experience and internet marketing topics presented by renowned speakers and experts . Registration includes, sessions, workshops, lunch, snacks and plenty of give aways, perks and amenities from our sponsors.